I was asked by one of my staff about iPad apps that I use, and I think this list is a fitting one for the holiday season because so many mobile devices are given and received at this time of year.  These work quite well for me…

1. iThoughtsHD – Mind mapping app
2. iAnnotate PDF – This is a very good PDF annotator
3. AudioNote – Great note taker with a quick recording feature
4. SharePlus – SharePoint connector app
5. OmniGraffle – Visio-like, but not all features work
6. Adobe Ideas – White boarding app
7. 1Password
8. Dragon Dictation
9. Microsoft Remote Desktop – Connect to windows server client
10. iMockups
11. Office² HD for opening Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files OR get QuickOffice 
12. Whiteboard HD – Another white boarding app i like.

What are your most used and favorite mobile apps?  Comment below to share!